• Orange

    “…. employees are recommending you as a trainer & accordingly we will be glad to work with you…”

    Training director - Razan Abdeen
  • Zain

    “…. The training style was very creative and Mr. Ahmad used new methodology in the training that bonds the topic with real example from life which had great effect on our employees…” 

    Talent and Development Manager - Ruba Nather
  • Umniah

    “…. Umniah has been fortunate to deal with Talentology, a company that partners with clients…” 

    Training director - Sami Jarrar
  • Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship
    "One of the best trainers we had in the presentation skills topic...
    Mohammad Khawaja - Director
  • Nuqul Group

    "I have got positive feedback from most of the participants that attended the communication skills training session and really it was great noticing how they were motivated and trying their best to apply what you delivered. It was excellent training and looking forward for more development sessions from Waqtak."

    Area HR Manager, Levant - Suleiman Sabanekh

In Newspapers & Magazines

In Newspapers & Magazines
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