• Ahmad Al-Assad

    talent discovery
    Sunday to Thursday: at 4:00 pm
    Online seesion price: 50$ for 45 minitues

    Ahmad is the founder of Talentology training company. He is considered to be one of the top motivational speakers. His vision and passion is to help people discover their talents and build their lives around them. Ahmad is a certified trainer from the Institute of Leadership & Management – Britain. He holds a BA in Marketing and a masters degree in creativity and giftedness. He has also earned a certificate in Strengths based education from Clifton Strengths School. He is currently running a delivering training workshops focusing on employees’ self-development and management skills. Qatar Foundation, Saudi Telecom, Dewa, Orange, Zain, Umniah, Nuqul Group are some of the regular companies he trains. Ahmad also provides training programs to university and school students. He was asked to speak in several events such as new think theatre, and TEDx Kingsacademy and TEDx PSUT, as well as other business and private events.

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