Talents Assessments

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    Gallup Entrepreneurial Profile 10 assessment

    Language:Arabic and English
    Investment in yourself: 20$ without consultation, 70$ with one-hour online consutation

    General information:
    Have you ever wondered if you have the talents to start and grow a successful business?
    Gallup's EP10 assessment will help you discover & understand your unique combination of entrepreneurial talents.
    Developed during years of studying the world's most successful entrepreneurr
    Complete the EP10 assessment and gain the knowledge & self-awareness you need to be a successful entrepreneur.
    1.    Discover your entrepreneurial talents during a 30-minute online test
    2.    Understand each of your talents via your custom results report
    3.    Develop your talents into strengths

    Uses: to acquire knowledge and self-awareness that you need to be a successful businessman

    About 30 minutes

    Instrument Language (language of the questionnaire): English or Arabic   

    Report language: English

    Author: Gallup

    Type: Talents assessment

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