Selected Previous Programs

Selected Previous Programs
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    Who Am I ?

    April 21 & 28 and May 5 & 12 - Saturdays
    The Talentology Training Company
    JD 190


    -          Reasons for attending this workshop

    -          How can I reach ultimate success?

    Who is talented and who is not?

    -          Stories

    -          Statistics

    -          Definition of talent

    3 ways to discover your talents

    -          Past

    -          Present

    -          Future

    Basics of Talents

    -          Myths & Truths about Talents

    -          Four SIGNS of having a talent

    Identifying your Talents (1)

    -          DISC Assessment

    -          Talent insights cards

    -          Blind spots

    Identifying your Talents (2)

    -          Your Personality's strengths and how you use them

    -          Talent dynamics

    Turning talents into useful strengths

    -          Talent sort (MBC)

    -          Create a Strong Sentence

    Freeing your talents

    Free Introduction

    Duration: 16 hours over four Saturdays
    Fees:JD 190

    Payment in installments: JD 47.5 (four installments)

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