Selected Previous Programs

Selected Previous Programs
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    Stanford Binet (Cognitive Intelligences Assessment Test)

    Every Saturday (2-3 hours per individual assessment)
    The Talentology Company location
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    About the Stanford Binet Intelligence Test (Fifth Edition)

    The Stanford-Binet intelligence test (fifth edition) is the latest edition in the Stanford-Binet intelligence tests history, it is the most valid and reliable international intelligence test.

    The Stanford-Binet measures five factors of cognitive ability: Fluid Reasoning, Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning, Visual-Spatial Processing, and Working Memory. Each of these factors is tested in two separate domains, verbal and nonverbal.

    Target Segment

    Anyone between the ages of 4 years to 80 years


    Ahmad Al-Assad: Master of talent and creativity, certified trainer strengths-based education (Clifton Strengths School).

    Hashem Al-Assad: Bachelor of psychology (University of Toronto), Measure and Evaluation Course from Amman Private University (Master level).

    Amro Al-Jbour: Bachelor of public administration (Honor Degree), Master of public administration (Thesis completion phase) at Yarmouk University