Selected Previous Programs

Selected Previous Programs
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    Understanding Different Personalities for Engaged and Newly Weds

    March 1 & 8 from 3:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m
    ZINC Innovation Campus
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    - Acknowledge that personality difference is something normal
    - Accept & appreciate these differences
    - Ability to deal with different personalities successfully


    - Understanding their partners' personalities

    - Communicate with your partner more effectively

    - Improve collaboration and reduce conflicts

    - Increase one’s confidence when communicating

    - Handle partner’s reactions better

    - Increase the relationship effectiveness

    - Moving to a mature personality
    A. Introduction to Workshop:
    1. Personalities: Nature vs. Nurture
    2. How did humans develop these personalities
    3. So why are we here?
    4. How to make the best of this course
    B. DISC personality types:
    1. What is DISC personality assessment?
    2. Speaking different languages
    3. The most successful couples
    4. Basic Assumptions
    5. Interacting with difficult personalities
    6. Take the online test
    C. Personality general description:
    1. Decisive Lion Partner
    2. Interactive Parrot Partner
    3. Stable Dolphin Partner
    4. Cautious Bee Partner
    5. Mixing 2 personalities
    6. Contradiction in personality
    D. Signs of each personality:
    1. Body Language
    2. Tone of voice
    3. Words used
    E. Understanding your partner:
    1. Advantages & Disadvantages in relationships
    2. What drives them
    3. Their fears
    4. How they take decisions
    5. How they act under stress
    6. How they deal with conflicts
    7. What dissatisfies them
    F. How to solve your issues with the different partner / how to win them:
    1. Change you perception
    2. How to create a positive climate with them 
    3. Giving feedback the right way
    4. Dos & Don'ts in communication
    5. Filling their love tank
    G. When Different Turns into Difficult:
    1. What to do? Choose your approach
    2. 12 difficult personalities
    H. Fun things to do to increase understanding:
    1. Divide your kingdom into ministries
    2. Famous people
    3. Motto
    4. Songs
    J. Action Plan

    The workshop is free: the couples have to attend the workshop together, and commit to attending the full course. Otherwise, fees are JD100 for those who wish to attend individually

    Duration: 8 hours over two days
    Date and Day session: Wednesday of March 1 & 8 at 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    Venue: Zinc Innovation Campus in Business Park

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