Selected Previous Programs

Selected Previous Programs
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    Kashshaf (Discovering Children Talents)

    Thursday (26th March, 2020) 12:00PM Amman Local Time
    Online - Live Sessions
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    Each child enters this world as a unique individual, each one is a composite of his or her parents, but each child is most definitely a unique human being. And this reality leaves all parents to do the only thing thy really can do – parent their children in the way that best enhances each one.

    The goal of Strengths-Based Parenting is to change the way the world views parenting. Powered by the profound science and simple tools of Gallup’s strengths-based development in workplaces, schools, and countries worldwide, Strengths-Based Parenting will show the key insights from Gallup’s research into the ingredients of a life well-lived and parenting approaches that build on parents’ and children’ talents



    Helping parents know and understand their own talents and how can best apply them with their children and family. Also helping them to discover their children’s talents and develop their talents into strengths.

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