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Students Training
  1. 1. Ready

    Goal Setting

    The importance of setting goals (Personal & business), starting with overcoming our fears and mood shifting. This is done through SMART goals, taking calculated risks as well as information seeking.

    CV Writing & Cover Letters

    Looking for a job? This training can help you in the first steps of your job hunt. How to write an impressive CV. How to address the company with the appropriate cover letter.

  2. 2. Get Set

    Positive Thinking

    How to stop being unreasonably harsh with yourself, or jumping to wrong conclusion about people's motives. This can cause problems and make you unhappy, and it can lead you to be unfair to others. Positive thinking training can help you turn this around.

    Finding The Right Job

    This training helps you identify the right job for you, where to look and how to shift smoothly from a career to another.

    Job Interview Skills

    Congratulations! You have just received an invitation to an interview… what should you do next !?! This training helps you in the preparation before, during and after an interview as well as handling the questions of the interview.

  3. 3. Go

    Communication Skills

    How to communicate effectively by learning: Listening skills, body language, how to handle both individual and group communication challenges and finally identifying personal areas of improvement.

    Time Management

    How to understand and apply the time management process at work after conducting Self-assessment in order to be able to set clear goals and priorities. Learn about time wasters and how to overcome them as well as managing emails and paper work effectively.

    Presentation Skills

    How to design speeches that inform, instruct, persuade, or inspire an audience. How to deliver speeches in a professional way while keeping audience engaged. This is done by learning different techniques to respond to challenging situations while speaking.

    Business Ethics

    This training explains the meaning of ethics and their sources, national and international ethics, and how to balance them into your own good.