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Trainers Training
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    Although you can't judge a book from its cover, trainees might judge a trainer from the icebreaker, and this judgment might stick throughout the training. If the icebreaker went well, the trainer and trainees will be mentally ready to have a successful workshop.

    Making Training Stick

    What is the deepest fear of a trainer? "Participants forgetting everything learnt during training". How demoralizing is that! You work hard to put together and deliver a good training class, and it goes down the drain the minute trainees go back to their jobs. Trainees either forget or don't apply what was learnt during training. During this 4-day workshop, participants will learn and apply different techniques to make training stick.

    From Lecturing 2 Training

    The spirit of training and what differentiates it from traditional lecturing is the learning methodology. While lecturing focuses on sending one-way messages verbally or in writing (transmitting information), training is all about communicating interactive two-way messages and learning by doing (transforming people).

  2. 2. Other Programs

    10 steps to successful facilitation

    Focusing on successful group facilitation to champion learning, encourage interaction, and promote the spread of ideas.

    Teaching SMEs To Train

    Subject matter experts (SME) are increasingly being called on to share their knowledge in a classroom

    How To Conduct Focus Groups

    Focus group process, how to recruit participants, and how to facilitate a focus group meeting.

    12 Habits of Successful Trainers

    Presents the important theories, models, and processes of designing learning—such as the ADDIE model, adult learning theory, learning styles, and more—and provides tips and tools for developing the habits that can make you a successful trainer.